Snetch the Swiss Army knife

Snetch: the Swiss Army knife for the fashion industry

Snetch is a popular platform among marketers. That’s because the possibilities for incorporating snetch into your strategy are endless. You can compare it to a Swiss Army knife. You get a fine basic set of features that you can apply to your taste depending on the brand’s strategy. It is therefore entirely up to you what benefits you want to get out of the platform. In this blog we will inspire you to use snetch to its full potential for your brand.

On-demand streaming
Are you a fan of Netflix? Enjoying watching a movie or series whenever you want? And subconsciously store the release date of a new season in your head? The impact Netflix left behind regarding watching on-demand is tremendous. But if you want to watch a series on-demand, you’ll want that for your fashion show, right? It was inspiration for us to make fashion shows available at the times when you want them. At a time when consumers sometimes find themselves in an overload of ads and pop-ups, this is of course gladly received, because curiosity always wins out in the end. We cut the fashion shows into a snackable format. Not too long, not too short. And in the end you watch one more, one more, and one more…..

Besides the fact that in Snetch you can have your landing page and show completely personalized in your corporate identity, branding is of course more. Brands are increasingly switching from a multi channel strategy to an omni channel strategy. It is a trend to no longer use channels that run parallel to each other, more and more brands want one and the same experience for their brand both off- and online. Brands also want to offer an online buying experience that is equivalent to a visit to a brick-and-mortar store. This buying experience is colored by offering innovative solutions in a user-friendly way that fully conforms to the image of the brand. Even then, Snetch is the difference maker compared to standard e-commerce applications. Because, how cool is it to make your purchase directly from the catwalk?

But as long as marketing devises campaigns, as long as sales shouts “what does it deliver?” There is always a healthy tension between brand performance and sales. However, we also know that branding is for the long term and sales campaigns provide short-term results. Snetch aims to move consumers to a purchase by offering them an experiential and user-friendly buying experience. You don’t have to search through web shops for the styled combinations you saw passing by in a photo. You shop the look directly with the click of a mouse. As a consumer, you are taken into the nice atmosphere of the catwalk. It is as if you were there. In addition, it is not difficult to consider that the brand experience of consumers does not only take place online, but that most consumers buy sometimes online and sometimes in brick-and-mortar stores. Therefore, as a gift to the marketer, a click-to-brick feature was certainly not to be missed. The click-to-brick can be customized to your heart’s content and thus become a fixed value for your temporary (online) campaign. And that too fits super in an omnichannel strategy.

Data is a must these days. Everything starts and stops with data. Snetch is a data-driven platform. That means Snetch records consumer movements. So brands can find out exactly which items are among their favorites, which items still have a little lead time. Super valuable, of course, to set your course. But how valuable is it to find out where to reach your customer? Brands can tap into new audiences through relevant newsletters. We receive hundreds of newsletters, we only read the relevant ones. It is therefore no longer difficult to be relevant.

Experience & Interact 

Experience determines your association with the brand. Snetch is an upgrade for your current webshop and a valuable bridge to social selling. Snetch also offers possibilities to rate and like items via the socials. As a brand, you can therefore make a valuable and distinctive upgrade to your current e-commerce strategy by offering customers a more dynamic buying journey. In addition, as a marketer, you have a valuable and distinctive place to brand your message through impactful content. Much of the content used for Snetch can also be used in other places, which in turn makes you get more out of your content. Hence, we say, “Run your own way”. 

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