Christine le Duc

How Christine le Duc used Snetch to boost their E-commerce.

Christine le Duc has been a well-known name in the Dutch retail landscape for years. Earlier this year, the brand launched a rebrand. In their opinion, the brand had been shaped from a male vision for too long. Where the brand now still has the image of a stuffy sex shop for many, the rebranding should change that. Thus, it would like to shape the brand from a female vision and work to empower women and discover their own sexiness. And for that, it is taking a whole new approach.


Christine le Duc aims to become a mainstream brand. And despite not wanting to skip the male target group, the brand now wants to be accessible to every woman. But there is still considerable ground to be gained there. One way the brand wants to do this is by linking physical events to an online strategy. The recently organised fashion show at Hotel Arena Amsterdam is a case in point.

Fulfilling a female vision (brand positioning)

Where male traits are often focused on acting, female traits are often focused on thinking. In other words, women usually have different expectations than men when it comes to things like buying experience, are more patient in their buying process and take longer to consider things. 

And you will have to respect and facilitate that as a brand. 


Besides the physical events that Christine le Duc organises regularly, the brand is nowadays mainly oriented online and the webshop is its main sales channel. Conversion is an important indicator for them to measure success.

Why Christine le Duc chose Snetch

Christine le Duc wants to be successful in the market in an innovative way. Normally a fashion show is a one-off event, streaming platform Snetch offers opportunities to realise extra conversion after the event by streaming the fashion show on demand and connecting it directly to its own webshop. It also wants to offer their target audience an enhanced buying experience from its brand positioning. Opportunities are now offered to buy or wishlist items directly from the catwalk. Snetch adds an extra dimension to online shopping.

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