Snetch_ is a stunning on-demand streaming platform for fashion which brings experience, the advantage of data driven marketing and a sales boost as new dimensions of E-commerce.

Everyone who has ever attended a fashion show knows the vibe. The flashy lights, the bouncing beats, simply the special atmosphere. Quite an experience, isn’t it? With Snetch we bring that experience into your digital shopping store by presenting a on-demand streaming platform for the fashion industry where you can buy items directly from the catwalk by connecting snetch with your own webshop.


impressions of the snetch platform

E-commerce is becoming more and more important for brands. Snetch provides several features which will not only boost your online sales but will also lead  more visitors to your physical shop by making use of the click-to-brick functionality.

Snetch gathers a treasure chest of valuable data insights which can be turned into gold for your business. Steering on data gives you the opportunity to get the most out of the market. Imagine what you could do if you know exactly who’s buying you products, where they live, what they like and so on…

But there is more. The Snetch platform gives fashion lovers the opportunity to engage with their favorite brands and connect with their own network by liking and sharing their most favorite items. 

snetch, a new planet in e-commerce

What does Snetch offer

  • Customisable landing page with corporate identity
  • Customisable event page for multi-show event
  • Music rights for use of commercial tracks
  • Customer log-in
  • Wishlist to save favourite products
  • Interactive features such as rating and setting reminders
  • Sharing options

In progress – more to come

  • Customer data insights report
  • Click & Buy – via product links to webshop
  • Click 2 Bricks – via customisable vouchers (offline call-to-action via online content)
  • Invite-only add-on
  • Newsletter via Snetch mail
  • Promotion via highlighted show on homepage
  • Marketing advice
  • Support desk

Why work with Snetch

Snetch aims to offer users an enhanced shopping experience compared to standard online shops. By offering items via a previously recorded fashion show including the latest licensed music, Snetch adds an extra dimension to online shopping.

Snetch includes a number of features to increase sales. For instance, a purchase can be made directly from the fashion video with a click to one’s own webshop. Moreover, it is possible to attract more customers to the physical shop via the click 2 bricks (a discount voucher that can be used in the physical shop).

Know your customers and target them by using data. Know who watched the show and what they liked the most. With Snetch, we even know where they come from and how to re-target them.

Snetch provides the option of inviting your community to future events or shows through its newsletter or other tools.

Snetch offers a whole new channel to put into your marketing and sales strategies. Using a state-of-the-art platform keeps you up-to-date in terms of technology and ensures distinctive presentation to the outside world

Recently Christine le Duc used snetch for the repositioning of their brand. They chose to embed Snetch on their own website because they intend to provide their customers an innovative way of online shopping. We wrote a case about their way of working with Snetch. If you want to see the platform in action, click Christine’s logo 😉

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