Snetch at Emerce’s Fashion Forward Event.

Christine le Duc x Snetch: A Winning team on stage at Emerce's Fashion Forward Event

Christine le Duc x Snetch: A winning team on stage at Emerce’s Fashion Forward Event 


Recently, at the invitation of Emerce, Alissa Askander, Brand Manager at Christine le Duc, and Noël Hermsen, Founder of Snetch, were asked to talk about their successful collaboration at the Fashion Forward Event. In an energetic interview, visitors got a unique look behind the scenes and Alissa and Noël shared their insights on value optimisation, thinking out of the box and knowing what keeps your customer awake. For those who could not be there live, we share some highlights of the interview in this case study. 


Get everything out of it! 

The interview kicked off with an intro video. This video ( available to watch below) showed an impression of a heck of an event Christine le Duc organised for more than 100 influencers at the stylish Hotel Arena at the start of their repositioning campaign. Noël explains how, by using the platform Snetch, he can endlessly expand the scope of an event with a limited number of live guests.  In the process, he acquires a wealth of data and even manages to realise direct sales from the show. Naturally, this makes every sales, marketing and e-commerce manager’s heart beat faster. 


Sometimes the recipe for a heavenly dish really does fall from the sky 

Alissa recounted her introduction to Noël. “Christine le Duc was initially only thinking of a show as part of the programming for their planned event. Thus, we called Sessibon (another of Noël’s companies) and got talking. Sessibon has now been around for more than 20 years. That does prove that, as entrepreneurs, you have a feel for trends and you can also assume that around such an organisation there is a network of valuable partners. That gave us confidence to let ourselves be taken along by Noël and Joyce’s [ed: co-owner] creative solutions. And so when the broad possibilities of Snetch came up, there were some practical issues to be sorted out internally, but we already saw a unique campaign.” 


Making gold shine again 

Noël quickly saw that if you polish up Christine le Duc’s old purple, gold will soon surface. “You do that polishing by organising a dazzling show with the right partners. In addition, you prefer to connect online and offline in such a way that you make the time in which you can brand or convert sales as long as possible. We do that by offering fashion brands a user-friendly platform that can even be embedded on their own website if desired, thus enabling them to be in touch with their fashion lovers 24 hours a day. Our vision is that to make a difference, above all you have to dare to think out of the box and cleverly combine innovative possibilities with the classic and proven methods.” And so the recipe became a physical show, combined with a state-of-the art on-demand streaming platform and a dash of influencers, bundled with the power of media. 


Dare to be different 

From a practical point of view, Alissa talks about how she gained support within her organisation. “In every organisation, there’s a friction between brand and sales, so with us too. It is often about budgets. Nowadays, everything is data-driven, but if you want to work on the branding, a spin-off is not always directly measurable. Of course, you also combine such a repositioning campaign with individual sales campaigns. In that case, it’s really great that the platform Snetch also offers opportunities for that. What positively surprised us was that the implementation of the platform went incredibly smoothly. Our e-commerce department had hardly any work to do. And given their busy campaign schedule, that was quite a hurdle in the early stages.” 


Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes 

Noël adds: “it is indeed true that in twenty years of Sessibon, we have seen many trends come and go. We are in direct contact with our industry. Therefore, it was not difficult to see what our industry really needs now that more and more brands are moving from a multichannel strategy towards an omnichannel strategy. For this, you need to offer a toolbox that bets on customer experience, sales, branding and is also data-driven. We think it is important to have an eye for both the brands and their end users. It is also a bit in our DNA. We love experiences, enjoy them ourselves, and also like to serve others. That is why we are fully committed to user-friendliness. Together with our Dutch/English implementation and support team, we are always ready to support you during the project period. Because you can oversee a lot, but not everything. We are lucky to be able to rely on our agility and flexibility when things turn out differently than expected. We owe that too to 20 years of Sessibon.” 

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